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You won't BELIEVE what happened in Zambia! This video is a Must Watch!

We are so excited to share with you what God is doing as our pastors take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations! Overall, there were 62,330 documented salvations, and 501 documented miracles! Of the 10 schools and 4 markets where Pastor Robert & Pastor Claudia's team personally visited, there were 8,000 salvations and 50+ documented miracles! 🙌🏾 To God be the glory for the astounding things He is doing through our pastors, and through Global Ventures!

Since their Zambia trip, The House of Restoration has not only relaunched our local “Operation Jericho” street-evangelism campaign, but the Lewis family was called to three more nations in 2023! Subscribe to this blog and stay tuned for the highlight video from Pastor Claudia and Madaha's impactful trip to Peru, where a 27,582 souls were saved, and 343 people were miraculously healed...and these were only the documented numbers!

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